After studying dance for 20 years, Tamara turned to yoga as a means of going beyond a purely physical practice to one that equally captivated her mind.

Tamara was introduced to yoga through the Ashtanga system which she studied for ten years. She decided to deepen her understanding of the practice by enrolling in a YogaWorks 200 HR Teacher Training led by Natasha Rizopoulos. Natasha broadened Tamara's understanding of the postures through the emphasis of alignment and helped her approach the practice with more precision and thoughtfulness. She went on to assist Natasha in many teacher trainings and workshops which she continues to do today. Tamara has also studied the Iyengar method with Patricia Walden.
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“In life may you proceed with balance and stealth"
Tamara's practice and teaching reflect her belief that cultivating an awareness of the body helps
to focus the mind. She specializes in teaching the foundations of the practice, offering skillful
insights that break down the poses in a fundamental way, making them accessible to everyone.
Her classes appeal to people new to the practice as well as those wishing to return to the
fundamental principles of practice.
Thursdays @ 9-10:15 AM
Private Classes Beginners to Advanced
Please contact Tamara directly.
What students are saying:
"Tamara brings tremendous curiosity, joy, vitality and intelligence to all aspects of her Yoga. She has been my invaluable and trusted assistant for many years and is an absolutely extraordinary teacher in her own right. Gifted, kind, wise and funny — she is, quite simply, a force of nature."
Natasha Rizopoulos, Align Your Flow
"Tamara Hickey is an exceptional yoga instructor! Her approach blends positive thinking, careful instruction, calmness, encouragement, humor, and optimism. Through my practice with her I came to a much better understanding of my body and myself. The lessons I learned in her class
resonate in an enduring way and give me the perfect foundation to continue a lifelong journey. I consider myself fortunate to be one of her many grateful students!"
- Sashank P.
"Tamara offers a kind engagement and a positive spirit as a teacher. She communicates and demonstrates clearly and responsively, showing students what is possible for them."
- Elizabeth R.
"Tamara infuses insight and humor into her teaching style. Her students receive her instructions with trust and security and the knowledge that they are being cared for and before long they are agile and competent yoga students. Lo and behold...success for both!"
- Pat C.
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